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Mary's First Book: Rosemary for Remembrance


{Award Winning Historical Christian Romance}

by Mary Netreba

Though they're surrounded by the majestic mountains of Blue Knob, Pennsylvania, life in 1908 is tough for Rachel, Maggie and Jennie. They've got a a drunken abusive father, little food and an ill mother who can do nothing to care for them. Little did they know that one snowstorm would change their lives forever.

Every day Rachel must cross a large field belonging to her neighbors, the Baileys, to go to work as a domestic for the very rich and unpleasant widow Mrs. Nettle, to provide food for her sisters. One day, as she crosses the fields to return home, she becomes lost in a terrible blizzard. As she shivers, huddled in the snow, near death, Jonathan Bailey heroically saves her, earning her friendship and affection.

Mary Netreba's wistful and romantic novel, Rosemary for Remembrance, tells an incredible rags-to-riches story of a young girl's journey from fear and poverty to safety and love. Jonathan and the Bailey's reach out to Rachel and her sisters, saving them from the cruel treatment of their father and giving them a brand new life. But when the United States becomes involved in World War 1, Jonathan is drafted and sent to France. Will he ever return to Rachel, his love, and Maggie and Jennie, his practically adopted sisters? Will Rachel's faith be strong enough to believe God will deliver her through the war and bring Jonathan home?

A must read.

300 pages - $15.00 (paperback)

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In a Heartbeat

Hello everyone. I haven't posted much lately.  I've been pretty busy.

Have you ever loved someone so much that you would've done almost anything for them?

In the last nine months, I've had the priviledge of taking care of a terminally family member, someone I love very much. Diagnosed with lymphoma for the second time, we knew our time left together was short. For the first 8 weeks of treatment, things were better as the lymphoma went into remission.  So for a few months at least, life was normalized. Even her specialists and the staff were surprised at how well she was doing. Her name was becoming so familiar, she almost appeared to be reaching rock star status. Even the pharmacy knew who she was the second we called for a refill on her prescriptions.


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